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13:44 Barents ObserverRosneft buys time in Arctic

The company gets a 3-year time extension in seven Arctic offshore licenses.
Russian state mineral agency Rosnedra has given the oil company more breathing space in seven of its most complex licenses. The license terms of the Pomorsky, Yuzhno-Prinovozemelsky, Severo-Pomorsky 1 and Severo-Pomorsky 2, as well as the Zapadno-Matveevsky structure, will be up to three years extended, the agency decides.
Rosneft originally applied for a postponement in 10 licenses, Interfax reports.
At the same time, the state-owned company confirms that it is postponing planned well drilling operations in the area. A second drilling at the University-1 (Pobeda) field will be not be conducted in 2015. Similarly, the drilling at a new Kara Sea structure, originally scheduled for 2017, will most likely be delayed, newspaper Vedomosti reports.
A source close to the mineral agency says to the newspaper

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21:05 Financial TimesEU’s Russia sanctions fail to dent oil deals

ENI, Statoil and BP among groups continuing joint venture work

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19:34 Aljazeera.NetRussia: From oil curse to sanctions

We analyse how Moscow has steered its economy away from the brink of collapse, despite sanctions and falling oil prices.

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02:44 Barents ObserverLukoil eyes new Arctic oil terminal

The oil company wants to build another Arctic oil terminal, similar to the one in Varandey, but might be stopped by Rosneft.
Russia’s two biggest oil companies are up for a fight for the right to develop the East Taymyr (Vostochno-Taymyrsky) structure, an area located on the northern tip of the Taymyr peninsula near the Russian Arctic coast.
The area in question is located on land and constitutes only a minor share of the bigger  Vostochno-Taymyrsky structure. It is believed however that the company which gets hold of the license will have bigger chances to obtain also other nearby and much richer deposits. Parts of the Vostochno-Taymyrsky is located also offshore.
If Lukoil gets the license to the structure, it might connect it with a coastal terminal the same way it has successfully done in Varandey on the coast of the Pechora Sea, newspaper Vedomosti reports.

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14:25 ForbesRussian Energy Giant Sees Oil Prices Flat For As Long As Seven Years

If oil remains relatively flat for a longer period of time, this could light a firecracker under Russian policy makers to become more of a high tech, entrepreneurial economy rather than the commodity beast it is known for.

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20:25 BBCVenezuela and Rosneft agree oil deal

Venezuela and Russian oil giant Rosneft agree to invest $14bn (£9.2) in Venezuela's oil and gas sector, Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro says.

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21:15 Financial TimesTrafigura a major exporter of Russian oil

Benefit comes as sanctions squeeze Kremlin-backed companies’ access to credit

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14:04 Barents ObserverGazprom, Lukoil in Arctic alliance

The two companies will support each other in bids for offshore projects and together counter the power of Rosneft. A key part of the cooperation will unfold in the Barents Sea.

The enhanced cooperation, which builds on the strategic partnership deal concluded in 2014, will enable the two companies to jointly promote their interests in government corridors. It will also enable them to better confront the power of Rosneft, the state-owned company headed by former deputy PM Igor Sechin, newspaper Gazeta.ru reports.

The two companies are already discussing the possible establishing a joint venture, which can develop the Medvezhe field in the Barents Sea. That joint venture, most likely controlled 66 percent by Gazprom and 34 percent by Lukoil, might also develop the neighboring structures of Demidovsky, Fersmanovsky and Ledovy, all of them licenses acquired by Gazprom in

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20:55 Financial TimesSanctions hit Rosneft plans for trading

Russian state-controlled oil group prevented from raising debt beyond 30 days

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15:25 ForbesRussian Sanctions: Effect on Global Oil Market

Despite recent visits by German Chancellor Angela Merkel and US Secretary of State John Kerry to Russia, the international community appears unlikely to soon lift sanctions imposed on Russia after its invasion of Ukraine. Effect on Russia Exports? Russia is one of the largest hydrocarbon producers in the world. Although cushioned by [...]

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20:36 ForbesA Russian Crisis With No End In Sight, Thanks To Low Oil Prices And Sanctions

Unlike the 2008/9 financial crisis, Russia faces a long and deep recession because the underlying causes are unlikely to go away in the near term.

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18:34 Barents ObserverRelief for Russian oil explorers

Use of Russian-made equipment on the shelf will give tax relief, the government says.
A bill facilitating oil exploration on the shelf is in the pipeline, government sources confirm. Already in the course of summer 2015, federal ministries will start preparing a proposal on how to cut tax obligations for the oil companies, Kommersant reports.
A total of four ministries are involved in the process, which could significantly reduce taxation on oil and gas exploration for the companies, which apply Russian-made technology, equipment, services and computer programs.
The government bodies will also elaborate a new system which is to prepare the ground for the replacement of foreign equipment with domestic production, the newspaper informs.
Russian companies are currently believed to spend about ten percent of their costs on exploration activities.

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16:55 ForbesRussian Government Ratifies Huge China Gas Pipeline Deal

Russia's government ratifies historic pipeline deal with China.

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15:35 ForbesSanctions, Wars And Falling Oil Prices No Match For Vladimir Putin

During a ceremony in Moscow, Putin says his country proved it can weather economic storms.

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15:04 Barents ObserverRosneft readies more Kara Sea mapping

The oil company will this year spend 764 million rubles (€13,2 million) on seismic mapping in the Kara Sea.
Hit by sanctions and low oil prices, the Russian oil major still continues its bid to explore Arctic waters. In an announcement, the company now offers bidders a contract on seismic mapping of the Severo-Karskoye license area, a structure located in the northeastern part of the Kara Sea.
The contract will be worth 764 million rubles and cover 2D mapping in the period 20th July 2015 to 25 February 2016, Oilru.com reports with reference to RIA Novosti.
As previously reported, Rosneft will this year not conduct any well drilling in the Kara Sea, nor in other parts of the Arctic.
In addition, the company has requested government for a two years extension of license terms in 12 offshore Arctic projects.
In 2014, Rosneft together with ExxonMobil

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01:05 ForbesWashington Muscles In On Russia's Oil Deal With Greece

Less than two weeks after Russia inks a deal with Greece to be a stop for natural gas into Europe, the U.S. comes up with a "counter-offer".

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22:34 ForbesOil Companies Getting Downgraded, But Russia's Gazprom Surprisingly Safe

Despite sanctions, terrible earnings and an E.U. anti-trust case against it, Gazprom might avoid a downgrade.

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00:15 ForbesOil Price, Exchange Rates, and the Convoluted Impact of Sanctions on Russia

By MARK AGERTON The fall in oil prices has been front-page news for the past six months. And, though many expect prices to rebound, they are still down around 50% from their 2014 peak of $115. One of the drivers of lower oil prices has been a stronger US Dollar, but [...]

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04:24 Financial TimesRussia’s Lukoil eyes return to Iran

Energy group ‘ready to participate’ in developing oil industry

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21:54 BBCUK orders Russian to sell oil assets

Russian billionaire Mikhail Fridman must sell his North Sea gas fields within six months, the UK orders.

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17:05 Financial TimesOffices of Khodorkovsky foundation raided

Masked gunmen search premises amid crackdown on Russian dissenters and non-governmental groups

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17:25 Barents ObserverMurmansk yard protests Rosneft takeover

The Roslyakovo yard requests President Putin to stop Rosneft’s plans in Murmansk.
In a letter signed by more than 300 employees, the company warns against the planned transformation of Shipyard No 82 from military yard to oil base and logistical center. The letter was sent to President Vladimir Putin in early Apri, Bloger51 reports.
The yard workers argue that the transformation of the company will make it far harder for the Northern Fleet to conduct repair operations of its fleet. Yard No 82 in Roslayakovo has since it was established in 1947 been a military enterprise.
Repair works of Navy vessels like Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier and the Petr Veliky missile cruiser, as well the new Borey strategic subs, will suffer, the yard workers say.
As previsously reported, Rosneft in 2013 announced that it wanted to place a lion’s share of its planned Arctic

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00:34 ForbesHere's Where Russia Shipped Oil Last Year As Ukraine, Europe Diversified

Russian oil exports have declined to its usual partners, but China has replaced Germany and South Korea is gaining on other E.U. markets.

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15:44 ForbesRussia's Oil Revenue: Shrinking Fast

Despite an awful lot of doom and gloom about its prospects, including Lukoil's CEO going on the record with a prediction of a whopping 8% decrease in total output and Rosneft officials going public with doubts about the sustainability of one of their major new fields , the Russian oil industry is holding [...]

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01:01 Financial TimesRosneft settles Yukos investors’ dispute

No payout from Russian state-controlled energy group

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15:59 Barents ObserverKremlin supports Lukoil’s Arctic ambitions

The Russian presidential administration supports opening the Arctic shelf for private companies. This could open up for Russia’s biggest private oil producer Lukoil.
The economic crisis and Western Sanctions that have made Rosneft and Gazprom’s projects in the Arctic harder to carry through, can lead to a change in Russia’s approach to field development on the Arctic shelf, Kommersant writes.
According to the newspaper, the presidential administration supports softening the strict regime of permissions to work on the shelf. President Vladimir Putin’s Assistant Andrey Belousov is one of the main lobbyists.
As previously reported, Lukoil is ready to invest billions in offshore projects if granted access to the shelf. Today, federal legislation allows only state-owned companies permission to operate shelf projects. Consequently, only Gazprom and Rosneft

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19:29 Aljazeera.NetRussia's failing designs for Arctic oil exploration

Sanctions over Ukraine and low fossil-fuel prices have drowned Moscow's grand plans for an Arctic energy boom.

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01:50 ForbesRussians Financed The U.S. Anti-Fracking Movement: Oil Tycoon

Russians financed the anti-fracking movement in the United States, an American oil tycoon alleged today during the Forbes Reinventing America Summit in Chicago. Hamm's comments bring to American soil an allegation made last year by NATO chief Anders Fogh Rasmussen, who charged that Russians were funding anti-fracking movements in Europe and the former Soviet Union.

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18:10 Barents ObserverLundin, Lukoil prepare for Barents drilling

The field named “Eagle” is located only about 100 km from the Russian border and will be the easternmost ever drilled on the Norwegian shelf.
Oil company Lundin will in 2015 drill four wells in Norwegian Arctic waters, among them at the Eagle license (PL708). That will make the company one of the most active explorers of the Norwegian northern shelf this year. In addition to the Eagle, Lundin will drill two appraisal wells in the Loppa High area and one wild cat well at the Neiden structure, a press release informs.
The Eagle well is located north of the Varanger Peninsula, in short distance from the border to Russia. The license was issued in 2013 as part of the 22nd Norwegian licence round and will be the easternmost ever drilled in Norway.
The project will be the first with involvement of Lukoil, the biggest privately-owned Russian oil company. Lukoil holds a

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20:00 Wall Street JournalRosneft Posts Sharply Lower Net

Net income dropped 28.5% to $9.3 billion in 2014, hit by lower oil prices, a weaker ruble and slowing growth in Russia.

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03:31 ForbesRussia's LUKOil Says It Can Handle Dollar Debt

Take a look just how well this stock has done since the U.S. and Europe banned its companies and banks from doing business with them.

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16:59 Wall Street JournalLukoil Hurt by Falling Oil Price

Russia’s second-biggest oil producer Lukoil said 2014 net profit fell almost 40% to $4.7 billion as it battles plunging oil prices, a weak ruble and spiking inflation.

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18:31 Barents ObserverChina eyes ownership in Russian oil

Moscow invites Chinese companies to take on more than 50 percent in strategic fields. That will open China’s door to major Arctic resources.
“I see no political obstacles for Chinese companies’ acquisition of more than 50 percent stakes in strategic fields,” Russian Deputy PM Arkady Dvorkovich said at the Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum this week. “If there is a request, we will seriously assess it”, the government representative added, Prime.ru reports.
Dvorkovich stressed however, that the expanded ownership rules will not apply to the shelf.
Russia and China have over the last year significantly broadened their energy cooperation. Several deals signed will boost Russian gas exports to China to almost 70 billion cubic meters per year. Much of that gas will be extracted in the Arctic.
The CNCP is already the owner of a 20 percent stake in the Yamal LNG project.

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14:10 Barents ObserverRisks too high with Rosneft, Norwegian drillmen say

The North Atlantic Drilling Ltd believes there are “significant risks” related to its $4.1 billion Arctic contracts with Rosneft.
The company, a subsidiary of Seadrill, in May 2014 announced a major cooperation agreeement with Rosneft on drilling in Russian Arctic waters. That deal is now in jeopardy.
In its 2014 Q4 report, NADL writes that ” there are significant risks attached to the US$4.1 billion order backlog related to the drilling contracts with Rosneft”.
The risks comes as western sanctions have created major problems for Rosneft’s Arctic drilling plans. The company is now putting practically all planned drilling operations on hold. As reported by BarentsObserver, company President Igor Sechin is requesting federal authorities for a two years extension of Arctic offshore license terms.
In November 2014, NADL informed that the closing of the deal,

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21:00 ForbesAngry Russia Investors Won't Like Recent Oil Forecasts

Barclays Capital forecasts oil prices to decline again as supply outstrips demand. Bad news for the hotly traded Market Vectors Russia fund.

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13:10 Barents ObserverRosneft puts shelf on hold

The state-owned company requests permission for 2-year extended license terms in 12 offshore Arctic projects.
In a letter to the Russian Mineral Agency (Rosnedra), Rosneft requests permission to postpone exploration activities in 12 Arctic licenses. The reason is the pull-out of foreign partners and the consequent problems with getting the necessary project investments, RIA Novosti reports with reference to Vedomosti.
The license areas in question are located in the Barents Sea, Pechora Sea, Sea of Okhotsk and East-Siberian Sea. The extension requested is between 1,5 and 2 years.
Rosneft has a total of 48 licenses on the Russian shelf, most of them acquired over the last two years. License area resources are preliminary estimated to as much as 41,8 billion tons oil equivalents.
Reportedly, Rosnedra started to assess the request in January, but has not yet

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18:47 Barents ObserverRussian oil production to drop by 70,000 barrels a day in 2015 – OPEC

Given the impact of sanctions, low prices and the absence of any large projects expected to come on-line, oil production in Russia will drop in 2015 by 70,000 barrels a day, a report from OPEC projects.
At the same time, production at Bashneft’s Arctic fields in the Nenets Autonomous Okrug is going up.
Though Russia plans to maintain production above 10 million barrels a day, it may fall in the coming years if oil prices remain around $50 a barrel for an extended period of time, the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) said in a monthly report on Monday. Production is estimated to fall by 70,000 barrels a day, while oil exports will drop by 60,000 barrels a day, according to the report, TASS writes.
At the same time, some companies like Bashneft have continued to see steady growth in their output, with production increasing by 15.1 percent on the

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19:08 Financial TimesRosneft chief Igor Sechin lashes out at Opec

Comments come amid bearish comments from Vitol and Genel

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08:14 ForbesWeak Oil Wipes Out Third Of Russia's Export Revenue, Central Banker Says

Nabiullina tells reporters in Moscow that $160 billion will be lost as Russia's economy punished from being too dependent on oil.

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20:42 NewYork TimesBy the Barrel: Saudi Arabia Is Said to Use Oil to Lure Russia Away From Syria’s Assad

Talks have centered on persuading President Vladimir V. Putin to stop backing the Syrian president, officials said, in return for moves to raise the price of oil, which could bolster Russia’s economy.

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16:52 Barents ObserverLukoil eyes new Arctic views

“We will support you”, Vladimir Putin tells Lukoil leader Vagit Alekperov as the oil company bids for long-wanted access to offshore licenses.
Meeting with President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday, Lukoil leader Vagit Alekperov signalled his company’s continued bid for offshore projects in the Arctic. The company’s desire might finally be about to be fulfilled.
Putin in the meeting confirmed that federal authorities will support the company’s quest for access to new and unexplored exploration areas.
Speaking to the president, Lukoil leader Alekperov said that “unfortunately, we are [today] limited to work only on land” and highlighted that the company has presented to the federal government “new initiatives on the development of new provinces, areas where there has been no previous geological exploration”, a press release from the Kremlin reads.
“We will

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14:21 Financial TimesRosneft tries to ease oil and rouble blows

Russian energy group changes accounts policy to mitigate forex moves

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09:10 ForbesResearch Suggests Russian Oil and Gas Firms Can Cope With Low Oil Prices

The Russian economy has endured more than a few tumultuous quarters and there appears to be no visible uptick in activity on the horizon. To make matters worse, the oil price is falling and international sanctions imposed in wake the Ukraine crisis continue to bite. With the ruble taking a tumble [...]

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18:10 Barents ObserverRosneft will not resume drilling in Kara Sea in 2015

Russian oil company Rosneft will probably not be able to resume drilling in the Kara Sea this year after ExxonMobil withdrew from the cooperation.
In September 2014 Rosneft informed that the company together with ExxonMobil had discovered more than 100 million tons of oil at the Universitetskaya-1 field in the Kara Sea. A few weeks later, the Western ban on assisting Russia with deep sea or Arctic offshore oil drilling entered into force, and ExxonMobil left the area with the Norwegian own rig “West Alpha”, as BarentsObserver reported.
Rosneft was due to restart drilling this year, but will not be able to do so without cooperation with ExxonMobil, sources in the company say to Reuters. “There will be no drilling in 2015. There is no platform and it is too late to get one. The project was initially created for Exxon’s platform,” a Rosneft source said.

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15:48 PressTV IranUS to put more economic pressure on Russia by oil: Analyst

The US will continue exerting economic pressure on Russia over the crisis in Ukraine, says an analyst.

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21:50 ForbesOil Prices Force Russia Into Evasive Action

Russia's government to redo federal budget based on oil under $60 compared to $100.

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05:30 ForbesRussian Oil Giant Gazprom Downgraded By Moody's

Sanctions and declining oil prices are taking their toll on Russian companies

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20:45 ReutersRussia's Putin, Venezuela's Maduro discuss oil markets: Interfax

MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russian President Vladimir Putin and Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro held a "detailed discussion" on the global oil market situation, Interfax news agency quoted Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov as saying after the leaders' meeting on Thursday.

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18:24 Barents ObserverNew Russian oil fields along Barents ice edge

Gazprom Neft gets a 83,000 square kilometer oil license area in the northern part of the Barents Sea.
As oil prices plummet and oil companies increasingly turn away from complicated and expensive Arctic projects, Gazprom Neft keeps up a high focus on the north.
The company, a subsidiary of Gazprom, now confirms that it has got the license to the Kheysovskoye, a structure located to the west of the Novaya Zemlya about 1000 km from the mainland. Climatic conditions are complicated and Arctic ice can stay near the area all through the year, Gazprom Neft informs in a press release.
Preliminary estimates show that the structure holds about 140 million tons of oil and 2 trillion cubic meters of gas, the company says.
The license area is located near the Perseevskoye structure, the area where Rosneft and Statoil have a cooperation agreement.
Along with the

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16:34 Barents ObserverEx-minister suggests pause in Russian Arctic oil

“Arctic offshore oil production is only profitable at an oil price of 100-120 dollars per barrel” says Former Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Yevgeny Primakov.
Primakov says there is no reason for Russia to be in a hurry when it comes to developing oil projects in the Arctic, as the country has several other fields that can be developed for less money:
“Most [other] fields are already secured an acceptable return at a price of $60 dollars, and LUKOIL has said that production in Western Siberia is profitable even at $25,”he said according to RIA Novosti. However, when it comes to more ‘problematic’ oil, the situation is different, Primakov says:
“Arctic offshore oil production is only profitable at an oil price of 100-120 dollars per barrel. Is it really worth boosting oil production on the shelf under conditions such as now?”
“Despite the importance of

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13:23 Barents ObserverOil drillers at attention along Russian border

”Norway should abstain from drilling in the areas immediately adjacent to the Russian border”, says Arctic oil expert Johan Petter Barlindhaug.
Irrespectively of the oil price, strained relations with Russia might put a stop to planned Norwegian drilling in the Barents Sea. According to Barlindhaug, a Norwegian analyst and businessman, drilling in the border areas could negatively affect the already strained east-west relations in the area.
Like most of Russia’s neighbors, Norway is highly alarmed by Moscow’s expansionist policies and has cut political bilateral cooperation to a minimum.
23rd License RoundThe comments from Johan Petter Barlindhaug come as the 23rd Norwegian License Round is around the corner. In that license round, as many as 34 blocks are located in the waters bordering

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17:24 Barents ObserverRosneft puts Murmansk on ice

The oil company intended to turn the Roslaykovo shipyard outside Murmansk into a major base for its Arctic operations. Now all plans are put on hold.
”Rosneft is reconsidering its time schedules for the plans”, Murmansk Deputy Governor Aleksey Tyukavin confirms. According to the official, Rosneft will re-engage in the area no earlier than in 3-5 years.
”There are too big uncertainties about the rouble rates and the oil price”, Tyukavin says.
Meanwhile, the Roslyakovo shipyard will continue to serve the Northern Fleet and conduct repair works on Navy vessels. With the booming Russian defence budgets, the number of repair orders from the military is plenty. The yard has full order books for several years ahead, Murman.ru reports with reference to Rossiiskaya Gazeta.
Rosneft in 2013 announced that it wanted to place a lion’s share of its planned Arctic base

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18:43 Financial TimesBP earnings face hit from Rosneft holding

Falling oil prices and rouble crisis to cause fourth quarter loss for UK oil major

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14:23 NewYork TimesPutin's Way: How Putin Forged a Pipeline Deal That Derailed

Russia’s energy minister and its energy giant, Gazprom, helped shape a Bulgarian bill for a pipeline that President Vladimir V. Putin sought to keep Europe dependent on Russian gas.

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13:03 Wall Street JournalRussian Ruble Eases as Oil Slides

The Russian ruble eased in early trade as Brent crude prices again slid below $60 per barrel.

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15:43 ForbesRussia And Gazprom Are Hoist By Their Own Petard Over Oil And Gas Prices

There's much being said about how much revenue Russia is going to lose as a result of the fall in crude oil prices. However, almost all of these estimates are rather undercooking the revenue losses that are going to occur. For they are estimates only of the fall in revenue [...]

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18:13 Wall Street JournalRosneft, Morgan Stanley Oil Business Deal Collapses

Rosneft’s planned acquisition of Morgan Stanley’s oil-trading and storage business has collapsed after the companies failed to win regulatory approval, amid tensions between the governments of the U.S. and Russia.

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17:54 ForbesRosneft's Takeover Of Morgan Stanley's Trading Arm Fails; As Sanctions Were Always Going To Ensure

We've the news that Morgan Stanley's sale of its oil trading and storage business to Rosneft has just fallen through. Given that Morgan Stanley has to get out of this business as a result of domestic US regulation of banking, given that Rosenft wanted to build itself into a super-major, [...]

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15:02 Wall Street JournalRosneft Repays $7 Billion of TNK-BP Bridge Loan

Oil giant OAO Rosneft said it has paid back $7 billion of a bridge loan it had taken to acquire TNK-BP, the largest foreign debt repayment by a Russian company since Western sanctions were imposed.

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21:04 Financial TimesMorgan Stanley-Rosneft deal faces clock

Sale of oil merchant unit poised to fall through amid political change

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19:23 ForbesCollapse Of Oil Prices Could Mean Putin's Days Are Numbered

Russia cannot afford the price of its war in Ukraine now that the price of oil has collapsed. This will prove the downfall of Putin as his billionaire cronies see their fortunes disappear.

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01:33 ForbesOil Prices And The Russian Economy: How Worried Should Investors Be?

Oil is perhaps the world’s most “fungible” commodity… one which modern economies cannot live without.  With this in mind, many would believe oil prices to be rather stable.  However, commodity pricing is driven not by total supply and demand, but by marginal supply and demand.  The market is normally in [...]

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17:34 ForbesHow OPEC Destroyed The Russian Ruble

The Central Bank of Russia (CBR) was doing everything right. Responding to recent oil price falls, it floated the ruble and allowed it to fall in line with the oil price, intervening only to smooth out sharp price fluctuations. It hiked interest rates to counter domestic inflation despite the weakness [...]

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03:03 ForbesOil Prices Hurting Putin More Than Ukraine Crisis

With Ukraine bond purchase, Putin gets the upper hand.

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19:24 Barents ObserverSeismic mapping of Russian Arctic will continue -- Rosneft

The state-owned oil company in 2015 intends to conduct seismic mapping of seven fields in the Pechora Sea.
During a public hearing in the Nenets Autonomous Okrug this week, representatives of Rosneft confirmed that a total of 1017 linear km of socalled electrical exploration will be conducted in the nearby Pechora Sea in the summer of 2015.
The license blocks included in the studies are the Pomorsky, the Russky, Severo-Pomorsky-1, Severo-Pomorsky-1, Yuzhny-Russky, Zapadno-Matveevsky and Yuzhno-Prinovozemelsky, a press release from the company reads. The total licenses area amount to 22500 square km and the preliminary resource potential is estimated to 465,113 tons of oil and 99,7 billion cubic meters of gas.
The mapping will prepare the ground for subsequent exploration drilling in the area, Rosneft says. The operations will be conducted by company subsidiary RN

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12:34 Wall Street JournalRussia to Pump Up Oil Exports to Asia

Russia plans to keep increasing its oil exports to Asia despite plummeting oil prices and Western sanctions, even as its oil supplies to the region hit record levels this year.

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03:41 Washington PostFalling oil prices hit Russia much harder than Western sanctions

MOSCOW — Plummeting oil prices are doing to the Kremlin what sanctions could not: forcing a grim rethinking of Russia’s economic future.
Nine months into the worst relations between the West and Russia since the Cold War, the plunging price of oil is causing deeper and swifter pain than the Western sanctions that have targeted key areas of Russia’s economy. Russian leaders said Tuesday for the first time that their economy will head into recession next year. In a nation where oil and gas exports largely determine the bottom line, lawmakers are slashing spending promises. And the ruble is hitting historic lows every day.
Read full article >>

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20:46 ForbesPutin Visits Turkey: Oil Prices, Ukraine, Georgia, Cold War, World War

Putin’s state visit to Erdogan yesterday in Ankara, a summit meeting between the world’s two top pseudo-democratic authoritarian regimes, can determine the direction of history for some decades. If you think I exaggerate, keep reading. Anyone moderately literate in the world’s strategic balances knows exactly what I mean. I will [...]

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18:05 NewYork TimesRussia Forecasts a Recession in 2015, Signaling a Toll From Sanctions and Oil Prices

Moscow revised its forecast for next year to show a contraction of 0.8 percent, compared with a previous projection of 1.2 percent growth.

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06:25 ForbesOil, Sanctions And Russian Politics

Three weeks ago, I forecast that the Russian ruble would continue to fall as long as the oil price was falling – provided that politicians did not interfere. The Central Bank of Russia (CBR) had effectively floated the currency earlier than planned, though with the caveat that it would intervene [...]

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05:01 Washington PostPutin cancels new natural gas pipeline to Europe in a surprise move

MOSCOW — In a measure of the dramatically reshaped relations between Russia and the West, Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday scrapped plans for a major new natural gas pipeline to Europe, a surprise decision that came as the ruble slumped to an all-time low against the dollar.
Read full article >>

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03:44 Barents ObserverRosneft terminates Norwegian contracts

The Russian oil major is pulling out of a string of deals with Norwegian oil service companies.
Rosneft will have to manage without the Norwegians in next year’s Arctic drilling and exploration campaign. Several Norwegian companies now confirm that their contracts with the Russian oil producer are being terminated. Among them are Siem Offshore, Rem Offshore and Viking Supply.
The companies all been working closely with Rosneft in this year’s comprehensive drilling operation in the Kara Sea.
The contracts are terminated by Karamorneftegaz, a joint venture of Rosneft and ExxonMobile.
In a comment to BarentsObserver, Siem Offshore CEO Terje Sorensen says that his company has good experiences from this year’s operations in the Kara Sea and that it is happy to consider further operations in the area.
Siem offshore was closely engaged in the service

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23:54 NewYork TimesRussian Gas Pipeline Will Go Through Turkey, Not Bulgaria

President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia said South Stream, a major project to deliver natural gas to Europe, was plagued by pressure from the European Union.

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22:43 BBCRussia drops gas pipeline plan

Russian President Vladimir Putin says the proposed South Stream gas pipeline will not go ahead, blaming opposition from the EU.

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17:35 Barents ObserverFish and oil fight for space in Russian fjord

Aquaculture company «Russian Salmon» complains to the President against plans of establishment of a 15 million tons oil reloading plant close to their fish cages.
“Russian Salmon” has since 2005 been producing salmon and trout in Devkina Bay in the Pechenga Fjord and in the Barents Sea. The company produced 12,000 tons of fish in 2013, and has invested more than 3 billion rubles in development of the production in order to increase production to 25,000 tons by 2020.
“Russian Salmon” can be forced to give up their plans, as the company “Pribrezhny” has been given permission to establish a port for reloading of oil in the same area. According to the plans, a 320,000 dwt tanker is to be placed in the fjord as a floating reloading plant for up to 15 million tons of oil. The plant is planned to start operations in the first quarter of 2016.
In a letter to Russia’s

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07:25 ForbesDespite Falling Oil Prices, Russia Not Cutting Production

Russia's Minister of Economic Development says government will need to make budget cuts due to oil falling faster than anyone expected.

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21:34 Financial TimesLukoil VP sees fall in Russian oil output

Bigger than expected drop in production predicted and blamed on falling prices and sanctions

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18:55 BBCVIDEO: Sanctions hitting Russian oil firms

Opec's meeting in Vienna is being closely watched in Russia, which depends heavily on oil exports but is being hit by Western sanctions over Ukraine.

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06:04 BBCRussian oil industry facing deep freeze

Oil production in Russia is hard and getting harder

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13:34 BBCFalling oil price costs Russia $100bn

The falling oil price is costing Russia up to $100bn a year, while Western sanctions have hit the country by a further $40bn, its finance minister says.

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12:13 ReutersRussia puts losses at up to $140 billion from Western sanctions, oil price fall: minister

MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russia is suffering losses at a rate of about $40 billion per year because of Western sanctions and $90-100 billion from the drop in the oil price, Finance Minister Anton Siluanov said on Monday.

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17:23 ReutersRussia to seek new partners if Western oil majors leave: minister

MOSCOW (Reuters) - Moscow will seek new partners in countries that have not imposed sanctions on it if Western oil and gas companies pull out of projects with Russia, RIA news agency quoted Energy Minister Alexander Novak as saying on Saturday.

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23:03 ForbesPutin Promises To Sell More Oil In Yuan, Ruble

Putin says he will end the "dollar dictatorship" in the oil market.

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16:42 Barents ObserverLukoil invests in Nenets AO

Russian oil major Lukoil is going to invest 35-40 billion rubles yearly in oil field development in the Nenets Autonomous Okrug.
An ambitious investment plan was announced by Vagit Alekperov, President of Lukoil on November 6,  after singing  a cooperation agreement for the period 2015-2019 between the  oil company and the Nenets Autonomous Okrug (NAO) administration, informs the NAO Administration in a press release.
The North of the Timan-Pechora oil and gas province will play a key role in the company’s plans.  The investments in NAO are included in the company’s ten-year program, which is under development by the company. This is investment into geological exploration of new territories on the east of NAO, field facilities construction and construction of additional infrastructure, said Alekperov.
The regional authorities believe Lukoil’s

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13:53 Barents ObserverRosneft reveals Kara well resources

The University-1 well in the Kara Sea holds 128,7 million tons of first-class oil, company President Igor Sechin says.
”This is super-light oil with high density and low levels of sulphure”, Sechin underlined during a visit to the TomskNIPneft research institute. Laboratory tests show that oil from the University-2  holds a density of 808-814 kg/m3 and that sulphure levels are only 0,02%, a press release from the institute reads.
According to the institute, the University-1 holds 128,7 million tons of oil and 391,9 billion cubic meters of gas.
The well was drilled by the West Alpha rig in early fall this year.
Igor Sechin after the drilling soon announced that the well will be part of a new field to be named the Pobeda (”Victory”).
“This is an outstanding result of the first exploratory drilling on a completely new offshore field. This is our

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17:59 Barents ObserverNo more Norwegian drilling for Rosneft, yet

The closing of the comprehensive deal between Rosneft and the North Atlantic Drilling Ltd is being delayed.
Speculations about the state of affairs in relations between Rosneft and the North Atlantic Drilling Ltd multiplies as a comprehensive corporate deal between the companies is being delayed by close to half a year.
In a press release, the NADL informs that the closing of the deal will be made only in late May 2015. That was originally planned to happen in the course of this year.
The companies stress that they both remain commited to the transaction. However, western sanctions could ultimately complicate the whole cooperation.
The NADL, a subsidiary of Seadrill, is traded on the New York Stock Exchange, and the company relies on an approval from U.S regulatory authorities. Although the deal was announced before the coming into force of U.S

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23:22 Washington PostWorldViews: Why are global oil prices dropping? Vladimir Putin has a theory.

MOSCOW — Global oil prices have been plummeting, and Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday offered a theory why: politics.
Oil prices fell to a four-year low this week, and that has further tightened the screws on Russia’s economy, already hit hard by sanctions and fears of recession. The Russian ruble has been plummeting, in part because the country’s economic well-being is so closely tied to the price of oil. On Thursday alone, the ruble dropped 3.64 percent against the dollar.
Read full article >>

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14:24 BBCRussia opens oil price-fixing probe

Russian state inspectors open an inquiry into major Russian oil firms suspected of market rigging to push up petrol prices nationally.

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17:10 ReutersEU delays decision on Russian access to Opal gas pipeline

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - The European Commission has pushed back a deadline for deciding whether to give Russia more access to the Opal gas pipeline across Germany to the end of January from the end of October, a Commission official said on Monday.

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15:09 Wall Street JournalRussian Supply Underpins Global Oil Glut

Russia is achieving near-record oil and gas production despite Western sanctions, contributing to the global oversupply depressing prices.

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14:08 RFtoday.RuСИБУР продолжает принимать заявки на конкурс идей IQ-CHem

Популярность Международного конкурса идей IQ-CHem, организованного холдингом СИБУР, растет с каждым годом. Значительная часть заявок в этом году поступила из-за рубежа.

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04:04 Sibur.ruХолдинг СИБУР объявил о проведении юбилейного “V-го Международного конкурса идей “IQ-CHem” по инновационным решениям в области производства и применения нефтехимических продуктов.

Общий призовой фонд “V-го Международного конкурса идей “IQ-CHem” составляет 6 млн. рублей. Перечень номинаций “V-го конкурса идей “IQ-CHem” включает в себя: Инновационные решения в области газопереработки и газофракционирования, инновационные решения в области производства мономеров, инновационные решения в области экологических проблем, связанных с производством и утилизацией нефтехимических продуктов и др. Оценка поступающих идей будет осуществляться экспертным жюри конкурса по следующим параметрам: степень проработки, оригинальность и новизна предложенного решения, вероятность практической реализации, экономический эффект от практической реализации идеи, актуальность для бизнеса СИБУРа. Участниками конкурса могут стать любые заинтересованные лица в России и за рубежом, которые до 31 октября 2014 года направят заявку и анкету участника на электронный адрес grant@sibur.ru Подведение итогов

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